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Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Moviefilm For Theatre

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According to the Toronto Star, First Look execs are waiting to see how the film does in the U.S. before opening the R-rated cartoon anywhere else.


The decision to hold the film back has more to do with marketing than anything else. Distribution officials told the Star the movie is being kept out of Canada because there isn
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holy shit it was off the hook, the opening scene was the funniest thing i've ever seen.


---> if you like the show you'll like the movie.


"babies don't watch this, put the spawn outside on the curb...and when you leave run it over" !!!!


oh and that is some asshat like garbage that it's not playing in canada, sorry guys. just download it off the internet screw them since they screwed you guys. Although the goblin will rip your torso and give you a diease!

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