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She's In It For The Money (on Matthewgood.org Now)

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it's like the bootlegs but way clearer, coolio


edit: oh god full band. finally


REMEMBER: NO LINKS TO BOOTLEGS. If you want the song wait til the cd comes out or get the old concert bootlegs from the NF store.

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Seems like the MP3 file they're using has some artwork attached to it. I've got it saved, not sure if you'd want me to show it here though. Also of interest is that the MP3 file shows that this is track #12 of 16, but there was only supposed to be 15 tracks total.

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I don't think it's cliche considering it actually happened to him.


How do i open this in itunes


You have to download the mp3 that the player on his site streams. Takes about 2 seconds to figure out. (And is worth it considering it sounds 10x better than when it's streamed)

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Why's that?

the cd hasn't come out yet and you can assume mg doesn't want the whole album spreading around the internet before it does.


technically, ripping the audio for an album set to be released is stealing. just be happy you can listen to it on his site.

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It'll likely be leaked before the record is released anyway. People who plan to download instead of buying the album will do so regardless if Matt streams them on his site or not. That's the reality of the music industry these days.


These streams are unmastered versions anyway though.

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