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YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!


Me loves Rage!!!!


I'm a bit of a Rage freak, actually... they are a frequent inhabitant of my cd player, always played loud... i have a rage shirt that i wear constantly, a couple patches and pins too... and of course loverly posters.


What would you say is the best cd?


I personally, have trouble choosing.

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i like the rage....im too cheap to buy cds though...i really need a job...anyway "killing in the name of" has to be one of the most powerful songs i have ever heard...i would love to hear what they think fo bush...

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i would love to hear what they think fo bush...

Ohhh they're definitely anything but Bush supporters. Then again, what musicians openly ARE, these days?


I'm not sure what the guys from RATM have to say recently about Dubya, seeing as they have disbanned. BUT, I do know they are not supportive of him because of the video for Testify.


The video came out around the last presidential election, and is basically to show that Bush and Gore were basically the same thing (showing clips of them saying the same thing, morphing their faces into one)... and at the end there was a screen that said something about how in November 2000, millions would not vote simply for a lack of choice.


Great video. It's shitty that Much Music never plays their videos.

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