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jessica simpsons the dumb brode (i know its sexist but it suits her, ok? if anyone takes offense im sorry) who cant differenciate between fish or chicken...and the girl (brittney) who bring s a whole new level to dumb as a board and rellies on fuckability to replace talent and intellect....


everything wrong with america supports eachother?

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Ohhh they're definitely anything but Bush supporters. Then again, what musicians openly ARE, these days?
  • Britney Spears
  • Jessica Simpson

Someone needs to give them the biggest wedgie in the fucking world. Make their god damn ass bleed.

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i've always been lead to believe an opinion is a judment or estimation based on facts. they don't know enough about bush to have an opinion about him or anything he does. therefore, i consider them void. im pretty sure no one would have a positive opinion on him if they knew all the facts.

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