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99% Of Us Is Failure

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Is he hitting the innards of a piano with a hammer?


edit: really sad song. cancer or leukemia ?

Slow decay of the mind?


I'm wondering if he used a Wurlitzer on the piano like they did with the bass on Advertising on Police Cars to give it that odd sound.


[EDIT]- I'm pretty sure what I'm thinking about for the bass in AOPC is not a Wurlizter any more, and this will bug me.

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Anyone else remember when Matt posted on his blog that he was coming back from England because of a family emergency?


I have a sneaking suspicion this is what came out of that musically.


These all seem so very personal, I almost feel like I shouldn't listen to them, it seems there's so much of Matt's life wrapped into every word.


Either way, I can't wait for the next record.



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If you really want spam bots get your e-mail addres then don't use the hide tag. That or why don't you guys just wait a little for the album ;)

I STILL don't know how to hide it!


and also, this will be a lot better than WLRRR but I'm not willing to say better than Avalanche... yet

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