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Not patriotic at all. His family just died in the 9/11 attacks, which when they first mentioned it in the movie (had no idea it referenced 9/11 before going) I cringed a bit and thought it was gimmicky but then just reminded myself about how families were actually torn apart that day and just chalked it up to the writers picking a particular event so that the audience may connect with the character more. His family died in the attack and they basically left it at that, no cause for me to assume it was remotely patriotic.



And James, yeah that was awesome. I can't believe they focused on that as much as they did.

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I haven't seen it, but the 9/11 thing sounds like a definite gimmick to me. The plot could have remained the same whether it had been a car crash, house fire, etc etc etc.

I totally didn't see your post prior to now but yeah, it seemed a little gimmicky at first but it was refreshing that they didn't really get patriotic at all or even really mention the whole thing more than once or twice.



To me it really seemed like they picked 9/11 so that it personalized the characters a bit more and made it easier for people to identify with his situation. No different to me than referencing Swissair Flight 111 or any large scale natural disaster.


They were pretty tactful and as someone who didn't even bother seeing World Trade Centre or United 93, I was indifferent to the inclusion of 9/11, it didn't really take away from the movie at all.

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The 9/11 part of the movie didn't play an overly large roll in plot development. Really, they could have just as easily replaced the words "9/11 attack" with "car accident" and it would have been alright that way too.


But the 9/11 attack aspect does play a vital roll in just how Adam Sandler's charecter gets so torn apart over it. I wont say much, but it was a internationally broadcasted event, and car crashes rarely take place on live television.

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