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School Is Almost Over

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Graduate students are the best ever. Espeically since you NEVER see them around campus. It's like they exist in their own little alternate dimensions and come into this one when they have to help clueless undergrads with such basic shit as "The reaction will not work if you don't put indicator into the solution", and "Your reaction isn't working? Did you put the indicator in?"

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You mean you don't notice their distinct aura of intelligence? They're better than us, you know.


You'll also notice that when they're working in the library, nobody comes within 10 feet of them. It's the fear of angering the hand that marks your tests.

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I don't want to grow up.


Evar. With an A.

Reason number 1 to not go into pharmacy and stay in the physical sciences?


Grad school.


I'll be in school + postdoctoral research until I'm 30. Then maybe later I'll become a prof and be pretty fucking awesome.

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Grad students do make money, though.


Also, access to undergrad pussy. Take THAT, corporate world.

being a female undergrad, let me tell you right now that you won't get as much pussy as you think you will.

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What the hell are you on about? Grad students are paid as faculty members. Here at Western a chemistry grad student earns upwards of 20K a year.


EDIT: Holy fuck Lauren is hyperbole a completely lost art?

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But what else would you be doing? Working a menial job and raising kids is what. I'd rather get down with the specifics of a vast array of chemical processes I don't even know exist yet.

True, well it depends i guess what you get into, because id definetely be down with being a researcher and having babies at one point. Could be at the same time, but for now im just an undergrad lol.

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