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The New Pornographers Thread

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I don't know if a thread has been made for them yet but you just can't beat the addictiveness of their Twin Cinema album. It is unquestionably their best release in almost every way. I especially love how it BY FAR emphasizes Kurt Dahle's drumming the most out of all their records. I honestly think it shows him to be a major virtuoso on the drums and it's some of the most kickass drumming I have ever heard. I think Mass Romantic is quite good but suffers from a mediocre production job. It is way too messy and doesn't let you hear everything distinctly like it should. Electric Version is solid as well but just not near as great in containing all the best elements that Twin Cinema does. TC has it all, from variety to simplicity to some hardcore complexity and the production is just spot on. It has an insane amount of hooks yet some more mellow, atmospheric moments, albeit not too many of those. It is a complete masterpiece in my opinion. One of the two catchiest albums I have ever heard.


Discuss people.

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I love The New Pornographers. All three albums are insanely catchy actually.


Edit: I also love anything AC Newman does, even though it all sounds the same. (Zumpano, his solo stuff.)

Cool. So I guess we're 3 for 3 then. We both seem to love Matthew Good/Band, Limblifter I believe and The New Pornographers. All three who are far from the biggest (more so with Limblifter) so it's cool we share the same tastes.

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