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That a topic must be made for this unbelievably skilled group of musicians. I have to make mention that they come from the same great country as Matthew Good does, which is of course, Canada, which anyone who knows Rush certainly already knows. I am sure there has already been at least one thread made for them but the search function on this forum doesn't make sense to me. They've got an album coming out next month and I can't wait to hear it. I think their last outing Vapor Trails is one of their best ever so this one should be solid. Heck, they have few albums that aren't at least decent. And recently I have purchased all their dvd sets and I can't believe how amazing they still sound after all these years and with how old they are. They seriously sound better than they ever have I think. They are more explosive than a lot of modern rock acts.


So, I'm sure there are some big fans in here so show yourself.

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