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The Symphony Of Death?

Here in Vancouver we enjoy a yearly tradition. In the middle of each summer, hundreds of thousands of suburbanites descend on the city core to watch fireworks go off over English Bay. The West End is shut down, the streets are overrun by drunken louts, bushes are trampled, alley's are pissed in, and testosterone overloaded males deem it a fine opportunity to prove their manhood by pummeling each other.


If you happen to be lucky enough to live in the West End you’re treated to endless noise from bass ridden car stereos, men and women engaging in the shrill "national beer yelp" of whooooo!, and a whole host of other fun stuff.


But what you probably don’t know is that Vancouver’s Symphony Of Fire kills. That’s right, you didn’t read that incorrectly.


My wife, being the card carrying PETA radical that she is, told me last night that fellow animal rights activist Angela Mead informed her that the fireworks actually cause some small animals in Stanley Park to suffer heart attacks due to fear caused by the loud noise produced, while others have their eardrums burst and subsequently perish.


If you’re friend to the woodland creatures I would urge you to boycott the Symphony Of Fire and stand firm in solidarity with your fellow Vancouverites, be they man or beast.


Well, that and Merle would love you for not sitting in his alley until 6 am having a fight with your girlfriend.


So I just found the entry that MG deleted... Apparently people commented immaturely and he got mad and "went fishing". Thanks to pavan of 49music for keeping a copy of that entry.

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Listen, i feel sorry for the little furry animals but that is no reason to stop an event that brings so much enjoyment to hundreds of thousands of people. If the fireworks were directly trying to kill these animals i would be upset, but it is just an unfortunate side event that happens. Its such a small matter that most people have not heard of this problem before.

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I would say you are a monster if you run around on halloween with firecrackers and you are firing them off at all times of the night. You are not directly affecting other living things when going to the fireworks at English Bay though :angry: ... at least not in the way the article explains it ;)

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