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Suggestion For Song(s) To Play For Chord Beginner

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Been playing guitar for awhile but haven't gotten into learning chords much yet. I'd like some suggestions for some fairly easy & well-known songs i could play that have chords.


I'm talking simple shit. No capos, no tuning string down or up. Just something with or 3 or so chords or whatever if possible. Even parts of songs would be fine, like a chorus.



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Guest Prosis

Wonderwall from Oasis...overall, there are 5 chords in that song and everyone knows the melody which makes it easier...


Actually, if you want a first step into guitar band, look at all the early Oasis stuff. It's pretty basic and that's how I learned. Then you move up to something more difficult and eventually, you should become pretty good.

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I tried Wonderfall by Oasis actually before i wrote this thread, i can get it ok but there is like 3 or 4 switching of chords u gotta do fairly close to each other so i wanted to try something easier.


Music i mostly listen to is classic rock. Lots of stuff from the 60's, a lot of Black Sabbath, Metallica, Zeppelin, Neil Young.


I've played casually for about a year now, & most of the stuff i've been practicing has just been riffs from Sabbath, Metallica etc. so i haven't needed to learn chords. But now i want to, play some MG & Neil Young stuff etc.


I'll try "Zombie" by the Cranberries & see.

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