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Post What You Dreamed About Last Night.

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While u were sleeping, what did u dream about last night?


Sometimes they are hard to remember, i find that if i dont try to remember my dreams the first few minutes after i wake up then i forget them.


- Last night i dreamt my parents had a kid, i was looking after the baby boy & he wore a Cubs ballcap just like me & he looked like me. It was weird.

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i dreamt that i was doing my girlfriend in the ass standing up in my old house that i grew up in when i was in highschool... the canucks were playing the anaheim ducks (we were losing 2-0) and the window was open.



she was commenting on how she liked the window coverings and that i needed more lube.

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I had been sad about the people I love that can't be at my graduation and then I had this dream that my Gram had written me a letter telling me how proud she was of me. And it was signed like she signed everything else "Love". She never signed her name, just signed love. I woke up and knew the she would be there with me even if she couldn't be and all that sentimental blah blah crap.

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Everyone had the same pink purse as me.  Seriously.  Someone tell me what that means please.

It means you're a polesmoker.


EDIT: ... for some reason I thought Shade had posted that and made a gay joke involving pink purses.

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I had a dream about Meg last night. She was in my room and we were sitting on my bed and sort of flirting. Then I asked her what music she wanted me to put on and she told me to pick it myself... So I wanted to impress her and had no idea what music to put.


That's all I can remember.

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