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Nintendo Wii

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My favorite part of the Wii is the downloadable NES Zelda. That game is the shit, I can't get enough.


I thought about getting one, but didn't in the end. I just go to my friend Jon's house instead!

yes! my friend downloaded super mario bros. and we played that shit for HOURS when i was at her house. it was like being in 6th grade all over again.


also, i made a wii mii while i was there and it was so cute and lifelike and the whole time i couldn't stop talking about how adorable it was and i would get all excited when i was wii bowling because she was so cute and when she jumped up and down in the background i clapped my hands and squealed with delight. i wish i was lying.

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Aww, thanks. So you know a Mii is a little person that you make using the Wii. They don't have a lot of use now but in the future you'll be able to use them in games and whatnot.


You can see what its like to make them here

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i totally want to do that but make it so that my dick replica is also a Wiimote so that I can say "sorry, this is the only other controller that I have" and people would HAVE to use it!

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it's very much overrated at the moment. it has potential, but so far there are no wii games to rival some of the brighter moments of the ps2, snes, pc, etc. bring back the graphic adventure genre, and we'll talk (i own a wii and too many games, so don't start.)

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