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A Long Way Down

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Thats quite the list of songs he can pull from, although I am somewhat sad that he has stated that he will never play Fearless live. His reasons are all valid but that doesn't make it suck any less.


Looks like this will be a very good tour.

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I want to hear Fearless...


I wish he didn't hate She's Got A New Disguise. I fucking love that song. But I'd go out of my way to hear Fine Art of Falling Apart live. holy shit. I'd probably cream my pants.




yeah that's an exaggeration...maybe.

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Yeah, I was wondering about that too...


Not to be gossipy, but there's a Keira-Anne who comments frequently on his blog, and Flickr...I think she's taking care of his dogs while he's gone...

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I love this song, so this is great!


Too bad about Fearless & She's Got a New Disguise, a few of my all-time fav MG songs. LOTGA rules.


And "Hurt", his cover was kinda shitty. I loved the NIN original, and thought Cash did an even better job. But yeah ok lets stop it now.

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