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A Long Way Down

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And "Hurt", his cover was kinda shitty.  I loved the NIN original, and thought Cash did an even better job.  But yeah ok lets stop it now.


I'm going to agree 100%, I took a college course last semester "American Culture - The Art and Life of Johnny Cash" and we dissected the song/video, still gives me chills to hear the Man In Black sing it, and Trent is amazing, but come on, how can anyone add to either one of those?

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ehh, his cover of hurt is good. It was really surprising to hear him do it at all.


I Would kill puppies to hear suburbia or boy and his machine gun live. I'm not savvy on the guitar but even if it was tuned funny the chords themselves would sound about right? i'd heart it at least.

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Considering Johnny Cash is dead, I don't see what the problem is of someone playing his cover. It's not like he's around to play it, and it would be a shame for it to not be heard live.


I'm indifferent about NIN's version.

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Yeah, I kinda have to agree... It sounds lame plainly saying that you're covering a cover or not paying tribute to the original artist.


Having said that it's definitely okay to say that an artist's cover has inspired you to do your own version of the song.



Edit: It's so fucked up because it's just wrong to not give credit to the original artist but there's nothing wrong with enjoying a cover more than an original.


And if saying a covered version of a song is what really shows you how powerful that piece of work is and inspires you to play your own version; isn't that kind of like saying you're covering the cover? Especially if you do not care for the original at all?



I haven't decided what I think anymore but I might as well post before everyone reads the original comment alone. I'll comment more later after I think through it more heavily. It definitely sounds retarded to say that you're covering a cover though... And seems disrespectful to the original composer.

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