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but yeah, marik... matt is bi-polar. obviously with him being a musician its easier to pick up on. mind you, just reading his webpage its easy to tell... let alone being in the matt good community for years.



some people can say that he's changed his musical direction or they can say that he calmed down, or that he's creative, which are excuses. they're true, but the question is, why did he change his musical direction? why did he calm down? and why is he SO creative? the answer is bi-polar disorder.


I wasn
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Brain damaged? You know it's not like a grey-matter eating virus or Zombism right? He is lucky that his type of Bipolar didn't lead him to being a drug addict or something, but it seems like by being creative and generally intelligent he's been able to deal with it pretty well for most of his life.

... but he did become a drug addict.


More importantly, I think Matt's ordeal and disclosure thereof teaches us a lesson: the manifestos, his music, their erratic content and just about everything about them, is a product of some seriously fucked up shit that most of us will never come close to dealing with, and we should all fucking stop trying to emulate them. Mmkay?


P.S. Evan I have some cost-benefit analyses I'd like to you run.

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Seriously though, I is, I is.


But y'all know that already!!!! FO SURE!!


But serioulsy, listen to Beautiful Midnight and you can hear that he is bipolar. Just the whole aspect of that album.

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fuckin victim.

That's awesome. I want to hug you.


And seriously, I understand wanting to educate people about mental ilness but, seriously, Jarrod you take every opportunity to tell people about yours. And it's not like you're educating people, you just mouth off and say things like 'I'm bipolar, fo sho'.

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That's awesome.  I want to hug you.


And seriously, I understand wanting to educate people about mental ilness but, seriously, Jarrod you take every opportunity to tell people about yours.  And it's not like you're educating people, you just mouth off and say things like 'I'm bipolar, fo sho'.

I love you <3





Bipolar disorder, often referred to as manic-depression in the general literature, is a psychiatric condition defined by periods of extreme mood. These moods can occur on a spectrum ranging from debilitating depression to unbridled mania. Individuals suffering a bipolar disorder generally experience fluid states of mania, hypomania or what is referred to as a mixed states in concert with clinical depression. These clinical states typically alternate with a normal range of mood, which is termed euthymia. Bipolar disorder can range in severity from a mild annoyance to a serious lifelong disability.

There are many variations of this disorder. Moods can change quickly (4 or more times in one year) or more slowly. In psychiatric terms, this is called rapid cycling or slow cycling, respectively. Ultrarapid cycling, where moods change several times per week, is very rare. These mood patterns are associated with distress and disruption, and a relatively high risk of suicide.

Bipolar disorder is usually treated with medications and/or therapy or counseling.

As well as being linked to disability, studies have suggested a correlation between creativity and bipolar disorder, although the relationship between the two is unclear. Studies have also indicated increased striving for, and sometimes obtaining, goals and achievements more generally; in other words, many with bipolar disorder tend to be more driven, extremely goal oriented, and hard working.


(I love wikipedia) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bipolar_disorder






I am Bipolar I (which Matthew Good is II). I also have the ultrarapid cycling. In the past, I was prone to suicide attempts, where at one point, I had to be watched at all costs. Without my medications, my moods change rapidly, sometimes I can go into a room and be happy, and then come out of the room and be in a whole nother world. Sometimes when I post on here, I'm in a manic mood, which, even on medications, you can not control moods. As with this, it is hard to control a normal life. Back in the beginning of last year, I was completely gone. I was stuck in one mood and that was to lock myself in my room. that was before I was medicated, which, I severly needed before a certain point in time happened. With this, I have done research about the disorder, because in my mind, I needed to know what the hell I was dealing. Even when I was younger, I knew there was something wrong, and I always assumed that I had something like that.


One thing with bipolar disorder, and any other mental disorder, it can cripple someone. For me, this can happen to me. If I needed, I could go on disability, but, as I have a work ethic and I feel that I can work, I will. But I will always have that to fall back on. Some people have it a lot differently than myself, but we all have one thing in common and that is that we live with a disorder, and we are normal, hard working, and passionate people.


I take Lamotrigine (Lamictil,), Celexa, and Trazadone. Lamotrigine is an anti-convulsant but is an alternative to Lithium. It is the only other medication other than Lithium that is meant for bipolar. There are other medications (usually anti-convulsants) that can be prescribed for bipolar, but those 2 are the ones that are set up by the Canada drug thingy (Beth, can you talk more about that, please, as I would like to know more about it.)

I take about 200mg of Lamotrigine a day,

20mg of Celexa

and 200mg of Trazadone


A difficult thing to prescribe is anti-depressents because they can act really poorly. I was on one called Paxil back in the summer and that would enhance my mood swings because it was NOT for bipolar. There are ones that are meant for it such as Celexa. I have to take it to help the lamotrigine work and even out my moods.


Trazadone is an old school anti-depressent that isn't prescribed anymore for that aspect. It is now prescribed for a sleep aid. It knocks me right out when I need it as with bipolar, you can go along time without sleep especially during a manic episode. I used to be able to go a week + without sleep.


Anyway, I do not let my disorder to prohibit my life. That is something that must be taken into account as something that can eat away at you. I don't want the bipolar to live my life, I want to live my life but know that I have this disability and not to hide it, which I don't think anyone with this disorder should do. Educate yourself, talk to people about it, such as doctors, psychologists, councilors and other various people.





Beth, perhaps you could talk about the different medications and how they should be used? Perhaps you should educate people about that instead of bring up my posts instead of ignoring them.

Edited by Jarrod
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