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Hospital Music Streamed Middle Of June?

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Hey folks,


looks like Matt says hospital music released in late july with a full album streaming 6 weeks prior. With my post-secondary education guiding me, I've come to the conclusion that the streaming should begin sometime in early to mid June.


I for one am JACKED right up for this one.

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next time, just post a link to the article and shut your fuckin mouth.

tsk tsk. you have no idea how much it hurts me to post this, because i found your post to be hilarious and i commend you for it, but we are trying this new thing here where we try NOT to run off the n00bs unless they're begging for nf$ or downloads. so how about you go e-kick sodamntired's ass instead?


aaand i'm closing this, because there's nothing else that can be added to it.

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