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last I heard about North Korea, they were developing nuclear weapons, and they should have nuked most of East Asia and the West Coast of North America by now. but then Don Imus used the term, "Nappy Headed Ho" and that was all the news talked about. so what's up with North Korea? can anyone fill me/us in?


also, I've heard that all things of Western origin is banned from North Korea. This includes music. so what album would you sneak into North Korea just for those poor people to listen to? what album would trigger the best government revolt?


okay, that's it.

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Ah kimmy... i'd probably smuggle in.. possibly Rage Against the Machine... but thats really hard to choose, theres Rise Against, Anti-Flag, Stike Anywhere, all kinds of great artists with good anti-statist songs...

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International Noise Conspiracy - Beautiful So Alone


Always acted with suspicion, I've got a bad taste in my mouth

And we all hate to feel rejected but some things we never talk about

Like new borders and new checkpoints and this constant need

To define and shut out "the others" from you and me

Cold sweat running down the neck at airport check-ins

Cause freedom ends and it dies where unions and walls begin

Scribbling cheap shots of small notes I wouldn't call it poetry

Cause you're alive and you are illegal when you just wanted to be free


You got heart you are full of soul

So beautiful so alone


Comes autumn you look for rescue and some good news to comfort

So you start hoping but try to make up some reasons not to

Like new treatise of free movement for the chosen few

And in this world of new economy there is just no room for you


You got heart you are full of soul

So beautiful so alone


No one's illegal

No more nation states

No more borders

I just can't wait



step one: translate


step two: burn translated versions to 5,000 cd-r's


step three: build massive sling shot


step four: set up sling shot on border


step five: we're going to need some cd players...

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