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What Would You Like To Never Have To Do?

so which one?  

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  1. 1. so which one?

    • eating
    • sleeping
    • using the restroom
    • other

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i just realized how much of my day is used doing these things.


i can't really eat a meal without having my stomach get upset and i told a co-worker, "you know, if i didn't have to eat, i wouldn't do it" realizing after i said it how stupid what i said was.


so my question to you is, which of the things we all have to do, because our bodies demand it, that you could really do without?

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sleeping allows a time of peace and seperation. life wouldnt be so super awesome without those two.

I wasn't aware that life was so superawesome in the first place.


My vote is for having to use the little boys' room. Not just because having to get up and piss every 20 minutes when you're drinking stupid amounts of coffee and water while studying is a pain in the ass, but also because I am sick of people's blatant disregard for man law in public bathrooms.

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Why did you capitalize all of those words?


I don't mind him most of the time; although sometimes he seems pretty creepy and desperate, which hurts his chances with the ladies more than helps.

'Cos the title of this thread is, due to The Bored's laws of nature.

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