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Idealized Beauty

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It's all in the female stereotypes that are perpetuated daily. As long Britney, Lindsey, and the rest of their retarded ilk are held up as the examples of feminity at it's best, then it will always be this way. We have the Hot Chicks thread, that we post to me included. It's fine to indulge that fantasy...but do we really know these women? No. I know that Christine, Mrs. J, Meg, the Beths,Kumquat,and Lauren are all intelligent and beautiful young ladies. That none of the plastic pinup bimbos could hold a candle to. Has anyone actually listened to Paris Hilton speak? Real genius that one.


You can tell someone not to measure themselves based on others, but it's not an easy thing to do. I will say this, self made business women, Chefs, Pharmacists, etc will be good at the things they do for a lifetime...the shelf life on plastic is an extremely limited time thing.

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Charles: The only problem I see is that many people assume that the two are mutually exclusive. Just because a girl is stunningly gorgeous or ideally beautiful doesn't mean that she is incapable of earning success or being intelligent.


Sean: I'm pretty sure nearly every person on the planet loves to eat, but it's a matter of self control. I also love to drink, but it's done in moderation with respect to my health. A girl saying "I love to eat" and one sayign "I'm going to get as fat as possible" (no offense Xandi) are fundamentally different. I think it's hot when a girl orders something that isn't a salad at a restaurant as well, but I also think it's hot when she cares about her health.

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I'm not discounting that the two can't be found in the same person. I'm merely stating that the women who appear to keep ending up on the pedestal are not examples of that formula.

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You folks are speaking in general.


I'm talking about your personal ideal of perfection (which may be the same as everyone elses I guess).


I don't know.


Most of the stuff discussed here is pretty obvious....take the good with the bad...things are good in moderation...etc

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Sometimes you don't know til you have it, and if you're not careful you don't til it's gone. It's hard to know. What I can tell you is that, the best way to find it, is to widen your view. Sometimes it's right in front of you, but your focus is so narrow, that you miss it.


Figure out what your basic needs are, then grow from there. You'll know her when you meet her.

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