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Guest Prosis

Jean Charest And Liberals

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Guest Prosis

The Globe and Mail attacks Charest this morning. Why? Because he used the money that he's been asking for to reduces taxes. The motives he used to get that money from the federal gouvernment were mainly social needs such as health and education.


Now he gets the money and decides to give it in tax cuts. I have nothing against tax cuts but this province is fucking going down the tube.


I believe that it's unfair for the rest of the country as well.


Now we have a mineral gouvernment for the moment. Both opposition parties are against these tax cuts. Most people are as well. But Charest is doing what he's been doing for the past four years: fuck everyone I'm doing what I want. Yet he's been re-elected...


I have to say that not only do I agree with the Globe and Mail and everyone else criticizing Charest and his team but I feel this is bad for the image of the entire province. Because Quebecers look like people who stole money from the federal government and used it to make themselves (temporarely) richer...


I have that arrogant fucker and all the arrogant asses he's working with...


Feels good ;)

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This all smells like bad fish. Props to u for rejecting this crap. As i've said before i love Quebec but i resent the special treament they get & the insane amount of money the rest of the country gives them just so they wont whine like 4-year olds and/or separate.


I'm glad many others in Quebec are rejecting this as well. Damn politicians.

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