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Best album?  

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  1. 1. Best album?

    • Splendor Solis
    • The Edges of Twilight
    • Transmission
    • TRIPtych
    • The Interzone Mantras
    • Seven Circles

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It's too bad Bob Rock killed this band. Spinning my Tea Party albums tonight and musically, I'm having difficulty thinking of bands who had tighter musicianship together than these three members. Listening to them lends one to believe that they've been playing music together since they were 12 years old.


Obviously, they are famous for their distinctive Middle Eastern-y yet gloomy sound with Jeff Martin's theatre mastered vocals but I'm creating to this to point out one thing: they were the Kings at creating ballads. IMO, they have created the most gorgeous rock ballads (at least for a Canadian group) that reach untouchable levels. Even on a generic album like Seven Circles (thank you Bob Rock), tracks like Oceans and especially The Watcher are stunning and an absolute pleasure to listen to. Another of my favourites over the years include: Chimera, Gone, Psychopomp, Requiem, These Living Arms, Taking Me Away, Dreams of Reason, Correspondences, etc...


Also, don't choose Transmission as the best Tea Party album--it clearly wasn't.


[i might just be on a high tonight and exaggerating ever so slightly but at least for a former muchmusic/mainstream radio group, they were ballad masters and KNEW how to deliver the goods].

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Transmission was the best. it was seriously the only album by them that I listened to constantly. I couldn't stand them (for the most part0 before or after that album.

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