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Wendy's Makes Me Hard

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I believe my mouth just had an orgasm watching that Wendy's commercial for the two beef patties plus mushrooms plus cheese plus I think bacon burger. Due to lousy advertising (or my poor attention span) I forgot the name of it. I fear that, when ordering one, I will walk up to the cashierperson and say something like "I want that ultimate you guys have been advertising lately. And make it a double." and thoroughly embarass myself.


I must have one. And I will report back once I have. In fact, I have mostly forgotten of what low quality Wendy's beef patties are.

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I doubt it was the bacon mushroom melt. It's a new one. Sadly, I have only recently come to the realization (via pizza and the science of glutamic acid) that mushrooms kick ass, so I've never had one.

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Wendy's Sucks Big Moose Cocks...ewwwwww

You generally have a point. Their beef patties, despite the claims of being "FRESH!", aren't too good. And despite everything being freshly made just for you, they always have tomato in there that makes everything soggy and without as much taste as there should be.


Like seriously. Tomatoes have anti-flavour.

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