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This is pretty old, but hilarious.


I love how the verse/chorus changes happen at the same time. same with the cheesy acoustic breakdowns lol. They're really a terrible band.

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Matt Good


The Guess Who

The Rita

Venetian Snares

The band

Do Make Say Think

GY!BE, set fire to flames, silver mt zion

skinny puppy

neil young



there is good stuff....but we tend to put out more crap...

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wintersleep, contrived, the constantines, cities in dust, attack in black, controller.controller, les gorge leningrad, bird rentals, vermicious knid, career suicide, despistado, the unicorns, joel plaskett, k-os, the kills, limblifter, money money, new pornographers, propagandhi, richard laviolette, shotgun and jaybird, souldecision, the sourkeys, ted leo, tegan and sara, the weakerthans, moneen, ETC

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the dears are awesome as well


and meg: maybe in your mind you think the bands i listed suck, but to me and maybe others they don't, i stand by the bands i posted, cuz i think some of the bands you listed suck, we all have different tastes.

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Obviously we all have different tastes....



...but a lot of the bands listed lack any kind of substance or depth.


That doesn't mean its too simple....because one guy with a guitar can have all the depth in the world...


you guys know what I mean.





Edit: I forgot the 'g' in guitar....my opinion is null and void.

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