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Dan #1

Aparitions Video

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Well, thanks to MG we can watch the Aparitions video here

Now, only watching this video twice, it is quite confusing in some aspects to me.

I know what the basic storyline is, but i dont think i truly appreciate what happens in the video. Could someone please summarize the video, say what the different characters symbolize or what their significance is. I would appreciate it :angry:

Plus any other little hidden things that i may have missed.

p.s. i really loved the part where Matt has a showdown with the Security guard ;)

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i concur (like strange days better). they're both great in their own right. very different feel to them, which is a good thing, since they're... different songs :> i'm a bit biased also in the fact that IF I HEAR APPARITIONS ONE MORE TIME *coughs*.

Sorry, got a little out of control :> It's a wonderful song, but for a few years I have had to begin limiting my exposure to it because it's value is diminished a little every time, and god forbid that happen to me with respect to ANY of his songs.



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Little things to notice:


The other band members: Dave in the elevator, Geoff as the other janitor, Ian somewhere...I forget


The dude in the washroom is obviously snorting coke.


Basically the premise is some big company guy gets fired, hires a hooker, fucks her in his office, and blows his brains out, leaving the ho obviously distressed and Matt the janitor to clean up the mess.



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A couple of other things that I get from the video...


1. Even if youre not fully cognizant of it, your actions will always affect others in the world, and that you will always be "watched" and have your actions be used as a template for others to follow or avoid.


2. It also has a nice intertwining of lives in the video-- the sacking of the big cheese created a vacancy for another hard working individual to move up the ladder, hence the party scene. Others took notice of this, and either used it as a tool to push themselves further (blonde woman working late), or to further fuel their insecurities and start down a path of self destruction (coke in the loo guy). It was also nice nice poetic license of the hooker and the "daddy that was never there for me" allusion in the scene where she walks in and you have the pics of the big cheese's children on his desk.


Theres much more, but I probably look way too much into this kinda thing as it is; I wont bore you with details. Great video.

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Who ask about quicktime?


There is no other way to watch a quicktime stream. Quicktime is an mpg layer 4 codec made by our friends, the people at apple.




yes, you can get if for you nasty 8086 architecture machines (that's PC for the uninformed)


The apparitions video is good... I'm going to watch it right now



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The Future is X-Rated video was the second MGB one I ever saw on Much Music, so it brings back great memories of discovering the band, plus, it is an amazing video. The satire in it is fantastic.

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