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Yet Another Reason You Can't Trust Pirates

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Dude. We went over this in another thread. If you didn't read it I suggest you go back and pay attention to what I was saying. If you did read it, I have a list of books you can check out.


I don't give a rat's ass. You might notice that I've survived most of my life without alcohol. What has changed making alcohol a necessity now? "Needing" alcohol is either a sign of addiction or of being a pussy and needing to man the fuck up and deal with the half-assed tragedy of not being able to drink. Worse things can happen.

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Hmmmm...I am quite literate good sir.


Wow we're a wee bit bitchy tonight. All you could talk about before you finished school was how bad it would be to be without drinking. I don't believe you're an alcoholic...


Other than a half a glass of wine here or there, I don't drink. I've been that way for nine years...it's not a bad way to be.


Lighten up buttercup.

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Where did I say it would suck to live without drinking? With my parents, sure. Without all the friends I had made in university, sure. But...


Right now though, I hope you've got some alcohol stashed somewhere.


There is, in fact, alcohol stashed here. But what purpose would it serve? And what the hell is the cabin boy shit about?

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