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Another Intimate Setting?

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Yeah, I go as much to Vegas as I can. I only live 2 hours away just on the border of Cali and Nevada. I'm only able to go on the weekends though, seeing as I work all week. That's how I know they jack up the prices, because I get ripped off all the time. That's ok though, last time I went, I won $400 on the penny machines. I hope this time I'll win again.

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I was reading Matt's blog, but I linked to it from here, specifically regarding the new cover. Then I read it.



I'm staying on the Strip. Best hotels. The Frontier has decent prices.

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I'm amazed at how cheap hotels are in Vegas. I just checked on Expedia and it blows my mind how cheap it is to stay there. Out of curiosity... What is included with the room rate? Is there free parking or breakfast? How close are you to the strip?


I work for a hotel in Halifax (not much for attractions compared to Vegas) that charges more than that at our lowest bar. And it's only a 3.5 star place, it's not that close to downtown Halifax, and we're the most reasonably priced in the area... Probably even the city unless you wanted to stay at a shithole.




Edit: I read on Wikipedia that there's a casino in the hotel. That would definitely allow for some give in room revenue. I bet they hardly make anything off of the rooms during their weekday/low occupancy days unless they have incredibly low standards. Then again it is Vegas.

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The room rates include free parking...I guess. I've never been charged parking in Vegas. And, also, 90% of the hotels have casino's in them. As well as nightly shows. I would guess, just as you, they make little to no money on the rooms. They make all the money in the casino, that's why they can all afford to expand.



edit: I'm right on the Strip. Next to The Bellagio and Ceaser's Palace.

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wow fucking lame, I just got back from vegas to find out that if i'd had planned a little better I coulda crashed this fucking thing...


ummm some quick advice(pm me or something if you want more) try to stay on the strip(las vegas blvd) at a casino if you want a nice "vegas" exp. if you want a cheap bed try staying downtown at the nugget or off the strip somewhere like sam's town or palace station. the downtown casino's are economical at best. I was dupped into staying at binions since it was like free at 30 a night. it's a dump. I would also recommend not staying at travel lodges or other cheaper places unless they are a bit off outside of the casinos. Vegas is a pretty gritty/druggy/dangerous place compared to many US cities let alone to you guys thinking of venturing from canada. It's alot of fun but it's also a gambling town with lots of people with nothing to lose. not so much on the strip but immediately off of it is not so much fun.


I would also try to get a rental car. it's very expensive to get a cab 3.20 base + 20 1/11 a mile and wait time, and the strip is a parking lot 90% of the time. parking is free at all casino's so it's definitely worth the hassle of doing it yourself. things you could also look into is checking out the top of the strasophere(cn tower west) it's 10.00 bucks and gives you a great view of the area. I would also consider taking a 30 minute drive to the hoover dam it's a really amazing drive and it's similar to the grand canyon without the extra 3 hours or driving. Red rock national park is also cool and free!


oh and getting booze in LV is easier than getting water. there are no open container laws in vegas it's pretty cool. the drinking age is 21. I don't know how often you will get carded but it's a big city give it a few shots.

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