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Look Happy... And Listen

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Yeah, so I've been pretty scarce lately, but I figured I'd share this with everyone. It's at least something weird you probably didn't notice in an MGB song you've probably heard a hundred times.


Anyway, I was listening to "Look Happy, It's The End of the World" at a very very high volume with my super fancy Sony studio headphones. At the end when the song fades and you hear the bass pulse, I noticed two things. One, the pulse is longer if you listen on good speakers (frequency response, blah blah blah). Two, there's a guy saying something in there.


Check it. Cue the song to where there's about 13 seconds left and turn the volume way up. Who is that? What's he saying?


Well, I put the song into Audacity and ran it through compression, EQ, and normalization. Here's the result. You can hear someone saying "...can't hear nothing." I'm not sure if that's Matt or who it is. But it's kinda neat. And yeah, I was bored.


(and if you can't play the file because it's an OGG vorbis file, get VideoLan or better yet Foobar.)

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"deception?" yup. there it is.


it's kinda neat finding stupid things in songs when you've got too much time on your hands...


the other day i played Led Zeppelin IV backwards and filtered out everything except the high midrange frequencies. there, in the distance, i could hear Jimmy Page reading a recipe for guacamole.


it was the worst guacamole ever. ;)

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