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BonTempo lyrics

Daddy's got a Brand New Van

Daddy's got a brand new van x 8
Ooh Daddy got a brand new van. Yah!
Gonna go cruisin' in a foreign land.
Oh! Your daddy got a new van.
Daddy driving in a brand new van. Come on!
Oh daddy got a new van baby.
Got a shag carpet on the wall, four on the floor for white beat music and heat.
Oh yeah! Daddy got a new van. Gonna go cruisin' In a foreign land.
Come on!
Oh daddy's got a new van. Oh your papa. Sweet papa.
Oh daddy. Daddy, daddy. Daddy's new van. Oh yeah come on, Daddy.
Oh yeah sweet daddy driving his new big van.
Got a mural on his side. Oh yeah. He's ready to go. He's ready to roll in his new van.
Oh yeah. Daddy, daddy. Oh sweet papa shanka yeah.
Daddy bought a brand new van.
Come on kids now.
Come in the van, sit on daddy's lap. Oh yeah.
(Daddy's got a Brand new Van x8 in background)
Feel that shag carpet surround you like a piece of saran wrap. Oh yeah.
Oh daddy. Gonna suck your sweet Ripe Fruit.
Oh daddy. Gonna suck the sugar off your sweet Ripe fruit.
Ohhh! Yah daddy wants you to suck his fruit.
Feel the shag carpet underneath while you suck at his sweet, sweet fruit.
Sweet fruit in daddy's van.
Daddy's van x 8