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Matthew Good and Ryan Dahle lyrics

Free Download / Downloading Blues

It's a free song to download
Download, it's a free song to -
It's a free song to download
To download
We will give you a free song
A free song
If you give us your expert opinion
We need to hear your expert opinion

Sunshine day
It's not stealing you don't have to pay
Free download
You don't have to pay
You don't have to pay and rightly so because you deserve it
Our song for free
Free free free free free free
You bought this computer and now you deserve our song for free
For free for free for free

And the monkey press the button

What do you expect it? It's a free download
What did you expect from a free download
Maybe when they've mixed it it will sound better
Can't you record professionally please?
I'm not so sure about the new musical direction
This aint funny
Why can't it sound like it did before?
Maybe you should record it professionally
Cause I'm not sure if I like this new...
Musical direction

Hi boys and girls! You've got yourself a free download!