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Matthew Good lyrics

Night Orders

She wraps around like a snake, a rope, a chain
under the lights you hear the questions softly pained
but you don't remember nothing because forgetting's all that keeps you sane

Under the table a fire breathes to life
climb the walls, across the ceiling, down the pipes
the Semtex inside you dreams but these night orders keep you tied
singing a hell saved me
yeah, a hell made me

Out in the wilderness I've been practicing for years
Bomb Shelter Videoes, Dig For Fire, faith in fear
oh you don't know what you're doing boy so you better best stay here

Well you and me, we're left where nothing gets too clear
like Vercingetorix at Alesia, a spear
go tell Rothko on his kitchen floor Red On Black to me appears
singing a hell saved me
yeah, a hell made me