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BonTempo lyrics


So you think it's going to be that easy?
Skip ahead a track and avoid me?
No, you cannot avoid the inevitable.
I will have your head brought to me on a silver platter cut into two and I will eat your brains with a spoon like it was the inside of a melon dew
I will rip your testicles from your body
Cure them and allow my children to keep there marbles in it
There is no escape
I will rip your still beating heart out of your chest
Hold it in front of you while you feel the blood in your body slowly drain out on to the floor
I will lie down
I will take my clothes off and lie down
And roll around in your still heart blood as I rub your barely beating heart against my genitalia
And if you choose to I can always saw your arms and legs off at the elbows and knees and use them to construct a coffee table out of your spine and rib cage
And a sheet of glass over top
It will look nice
You of course will not be able to see it
As you will be dead.