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BonTempo lyrics

Subjugate me

I have come, yes, I have come for you.
The subjugated masses will tremble before me.
I will rape your mother and father and use your sister's uterus as a candy dish.
Plucking Worthers original from it…sucking on them delightfully.
You will learn in time to love me.
Yes you will love.
You will love me and fear me.

There will be no Halloween, there will be no Christmas.
There will be no Easter.
There will only be the holiday of me.
And on that day I will turn people inside out for my pleasure.
And my pleasure only!!
You will be forced to watch! Your eyelids held open!
As I slowly... slowly... slowly... use a potato peeler... to remove the skin on your legs!!

All the delightful joys.
Drums! Drums in the deep!
Delightful joys.
Can you hear them?
My advancing armies as they push across the lands.
Can you hear me whispering to you?
Idiot. I will come for you... and your idiot friends.

I will build a wall that stretched across this land made only of human skulls.
I will construct the world's largest ten pin bowling ball.
Can you hear them? The advancing footsteps of my armies as they come for you!
Can you hear me whispering on the wind? Idiot.
I have come for you at last.
That is it.
That is all there is for you.
There is no hope now.
Do not force me to turn your chest cavity into a punch bowl.
Filling it.
Drinking from it.
I will use your aorta as a straw.
I will pay dwarves to fuck your eye sockets.
Snapping your brain.
Don't make me.
Don't make me go there.