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20,000 posts

August 24, 2004 06:34 PM UTC

Well we've just crossed over 20,000 posts on The Bored today! Well technically we're over 20,000 posts but let's not get into that.

Continuing on the new single off of WLR&RR is still uncertain. Though according to The Edge Radio station in Toronto it is In Love with a Bad Idea.

New area on (Jack Pillow Head). It seems to contain some of his poetry/manifestos.

A manifesto worthy quote from MG about the next single:
Reasons to know what the next "single" is when you already own the record and thus all of the potential "singles":

1] You are being held captive by guerrillas who are refusing to release you and ten other aid workers unless information pertaining to the next single is released to them.

2] Your dealer refuses to extend you a “line of credit” unless you either blow him or cough up the title of the next single.

3] You are a super being from another galaxy who has come to earth to save mankind from an unknown parasite invader. The only way to defeat this alien parasite scum? Blast them with the “new” single as soon as possible.

More updates and concert listings are on the way! Stay tuned.