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All In The Details

February 8, 2007 02:42 AM UTC

Details? (Photo by Dan Lilly)

Judging by these photos, recording for the upcoming Matthew Good album seems to be progressing well. It appears that three more songs have been added to the roster since our November posting. "I'm not safer than a bank" is a track that was briefly released on the newly revamped Matthew Good .org (check the Bored for a download) and the two others ( "____our details" and "____ing") are partially seen as well.

Piano! (Photo by Dan Lilly)

Above is the latest tracklisting. It should also be noted that it does look like this is not going to be an all acoustic album. You can see that it seems to be going along well and that there's going to be some piano (synth?) tracks included. As revealed by a post on, there are also going to be some backup vocals by a girl named Nadia. We are uncertain of who she is as of this moment but we'll keep you posted.

To wrap this up, we do not know exactly what to expect from this upcoming album but it is, in fact, Matthew's last album with Universal Canada. What we do know is that Good wanted to make this his 'weirdest' album. What should we expect from this album? Well, since it looks like Matt and the crew are having fun while recording this, we can expect something of equal value.

One final note, Matthew Good did say that he was planning on releasing another book! More details when I manage to upload the video to the site.

Stay tuned!

Edit: Yes, I noticed all the typos. Not going to post news at 3AM any time soon.