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All is well

August 5, 2004 02:54 PM UTC

The West Coast portion of the White Light Rock & Roll Review tour kicked off yesterday night (actually 15 minutes before this day began). Matthew Good and his band performed yesterday at the Element Nite Club. Though due to a car crash involving the band's musical gear they were still able to perform last night. The show was an apparent hit though it started five (5) hours later at 11:45pm rather than the 7:00pm start time. Though a bit late he made up for it by performing a great show for the crowd.

Matthew Good will next be performing at the Commodore Ballrom in Vancouver, British Columbia tonight at 8:00PM Pacific Standard time. The show is sold out so try your luck at one of the next venues.

Update: Matt Good may be appearing on MTV Select tommorow (Friday). Here's the address if you plan on attending. ***NOTE: This is currently a rumour, if you can verify it please comment.*** Source: Underdogs.

Good touring to you all.