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February 13, 2005 12:56 AM UTC

Near Fantastica .com and The Bored will be turning one this March 13th! Join in on the celebration and random events this March.

What have we achieved over the past year?
- 76,000 (steadily approaching 80,000).
- A user base of 900 and steadily growing.
- An active community.
- Up to date news on Matthew Good and his band.
- The readership of over 1000 people per day.
- An
archive of music videos and lyrics.
- A picture gallery of over 400 pictures.

What do we plan to bring you this coming year?
- A fully downloadable manifesto archive.
- The full Matthew Good/Matthew Good Band music video collection.
- More live tracks in the
NF Store.
- More pictures.
- More wallpapers.
- More display pictures.
- More original content.

We've got plenty more to come and some surprises for all of you!

On behalf of Near Fantastica .com, I'd like to thank you all for taking part and helping us to build our community!