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In a Coma - Out now!

September 20, 2005 11:31 PM UTC

ETA: The CFOX interview is now available for listening via the NF store. Several more files are now also available.

In a Coma is out in stores now! Check the Matthew Good section on The Bored to find out how to view the hidden While We Were Hunting Rabbits video.

Where can I get the album?
- In A Coma Deluxe Edition ($31.99CAD) at (Support NF via Amazon)
- In A Coma Deluxe Edition ($22.99CAD) at
- In a Coma Deluxe Edition ($24.88 CAD) at

Read up on the album here or review it on The Bored.

Note: more of our orders have been shipped out today, thanks again to all the people who've pre-ordered copies of In a Coma through NF!

More to come and special updates!

Stay tuned.