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Vancouver To Be Next Album

July 23, 2008 01:01 PM UTC

The album title for Matthew Good's next solo album has been tentatively announced! "Vancouver" is set to be the name of Matthew's fifth solo album to be released.

As Matthew has posted on his blog, the current tracklist is at an estimated 48 minutes and currently features 8 tracks. There is a possibility of at least two more songs in the works though Good has stated that the album may be long enough.

The current tracklist and song lengths as well as trivia and information are posted in our new album section. The tracklist posted on Matthew Good's blog is as follows:

1. The Vancouver National Anthem (7:05), 2. The Boy Who Could Explode (7:14), 3. Us Remains Impossible (5:08), 4. On Nights Like Tonight (4:13), 5. Volcanoes (5:09), 6. A Silent Army In The Trees (5:47), 7. Fought To Fight It (4:26), 8. Empty's Theme Park (9:07)

As of right now, it is believed that this album will be released independently. It will be the first album Matthew Good has released outside a major record label in at least thirteen years, Last of the Ghetto Astronauts being the last.

UPDATE: a new demo, Portrait Of Artist In Jungle, has been uploaded to Matthew Good's blog. Vancouver's tracklist currently stands at nine.

Stay tuned for more album and concert updates!

Photo by jonrawlinson.