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Pat's okay

October 22, 2004 10:16 PM UTC

As reported on MG's blog, Pat Steward's elbow seems to be recovering so have no fear. We'd also like to wish Mr. Steward a "get well soon". Continuing on, if you haven't already heard, "Put Out Your Lights" was apparently played on the Fox broadcast of the Houston vs. St. Louis baseball finals last Wednesday night (October 20th). It was without consent and done through a loophole in broadcasting laws so don't worry. Matt hasn't "sold out".

Matthew Good and his band will be playing the Kool Haus tommorow night. Note Limblifter will be opening but Auf Der Maur will not be there with them. Further information on the tour is available on the concerts page.

The Bored has also reached 39,000 official posts today. We congratulate and thank all our loyal members.