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The Rodchester Kings

February 10, 2006 05:22 PM UTC

This isn't exactly a new release but it's new in a sense of never being heard before. A few weeks back one of our members, Russell, posted the last three tracks of the Rodchester Kings album in the NF Lounge. They are now available to all our members via the NF Store on The Bored for 15NF$ a piece. Be warned, these tracks are a big change from the established Matthew Good Band. Thank you to Russell for releasing his find and ofcourse to the late Rodchester Kings for making these tracks.

Edit: If you had a problem with the download, it's all fixed now.

As noted in yesterdays entry, a new skin is on the way for the Near Fantastica main site.


Links: NF Store, lyrics (scroll to the bottom for Rodchester Kings).