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Thunder, Crazies, and New York

June 14, 2008 03:03 PM UTC

As it's nearly 4AM, this update is going to be a bit brief. Last night's performance in Mississauga, Ontario was abruptly cancelled due to severe weather conditions. Unfortunately for the fans hoping to see Matthew Good perform with a band, the event hosts are not issuing refunds.

Matthew, likely due to the stress involved in a full band tour, may also be updating his blog less and far more in between as well as no longer answering fan e-mails. This, we're sure, is a disappointment to many fans as he has been very accessible and ready to listen to fans over the years.

An additional show has also been added for Buffalo, New York this August 29th. Check our concert listings for more listings.

On a closing note, the new version of Near Fantastica is complete! We're just patching up a few bugs before we hopefully launch sometime next week. Stay tuned for a completely revamped concert section (now featuring previous shows), higher quality videos, and more!

Update: The June 17th show in Regina, Saskatchewan has been moved to the Drink.