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Tour Bus Woes

October 21, 2007 01:50 PM UTC

A few days ago, Matthew Good's tour bus was vandalized in Ottawa. The assailant or assailants of the crime spray painted derogatory remarks on Matthew's character and mental well being.

Being as Good is a staunch opponent to the occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan and Canada's participation within this conflict, an advocate for human rights, and a self proclaimed progressive, one tends to open themselves up for negative attention. While political freedom and the freedom to express yourself is a cherished and welcomed right of Canada, harassment and vandalism are not.

There is a big difference between a heated debate and a personal attack, one is having the courage to do it face to face while the latter is typically an act of cowardice and a lack of any actual rebuttal. In the case of the tour bus incident, we have a personal attack. Even more appualing is the fact that this could be construed as a hate crime as it vulgarly attacked a man's mental well being and indirectly the 20% of Canadians who suffer from mental health issues. This was a dispicable and shameful act and one can only hope that the instigator of this crime turn themselves in to the proper authorities.

On a better note, Matthew Good won the "youth role model of the year" award at Jer's Vision Gala. We of Near Fantastica send our congratulations and hope you keep up the good work! See CBC's The National this Tuesday for an interview.

Matthew and opening act, Dala, will be performing tonight at the River Run Centre in Guelph Ontario tonight. See our concert listings section for more information.