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Audio Of Being (2001)

Audio Of Being cover art
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Album Information

"Audio of Being" was the last album released by the Matthew Good Band. It was released on October 30th, 2001.

The recording of this album was reported to be very stressful for all members of the band. Guitarist Dave Genn referred to the process as "taking a long and painful shit." Front-man Matthew Good was very ill during much of the sessions. The tension between the band continued to grow and even caused Genn to leave the band only to return a short time later.

Ultimately, the band reached the breaking point shortly after the album's release and parted ways. Rich Priske stayed on as the bassist for Matthew Good's subsequent solo career. Although it is widely believed that the band breaking up was a turbulent and almost violent occurrence, Matthew Good has stated that, although it was less than amicable, it was not nearly as bad as the rumors suggested.

Liner Notes

Producer: Warne Livesey
Engineers: Warne Livesey and Zach Blackstone
Recording: The Armoury Studio/ Warehouse Studios
Mixing: Warne Livesey / Warehouse Studios
Youthful Exuberance on selection 10: Various students from Centennial High School
String Arrangements: Warne Livesey

Management: Steve Hoffman, Ray Danniels, SRO Management
A&R: Dave Porter, Allan Reid, Tom Storms, Dan Gavin, Blair Dobson, and Paul McManus
Layout/ Design: Garnet Armstrong
Concept: Garnet Armstrong in conjunction with the Little Andy Danger Corporation
Illustration: Lionel Drew
MGB Central: Christ Thompson

All Songs © 2001 EMI April Music (Canada) LTD./Dunharrow music inc. (Socan)
Except track 3 © 2001 EMI April Music (Canada) LTD./Dunharrow music inc. (Socan)/Bridgeburner music (Socan)
Except tracks 7,8 © 2001 EMI April Music (Canada) LTD./Dunharrow music inc. (Socan)/Bridgeburner music (Socan)/R. Priske (Socan)/I. Browne (Socan)

Kappa, Redsand, DR Strings, Gretsch Drums, Sabian Cymbals, Vatar Sticks, Gibson Guitars and Basses



  • Carmelina
  • Anti-Pop


  • This was the last album recorded by the Matthew Good Band.
  • This album was released in three different colours.