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Beautiful Midnight (1999)

Beautiful Midnight cover art
CD Art

Album Information

"Beautiful Midnight" was an album released by the Matthew Good Band in 1999, the follow-up to the 1997 album Underdogs. Beautiful Midnight became the band's most successful album, producing four singles and music videos. The success of Beautiful Midnight propelled Good to celebrity status in Canada which he eventually grew to loathe. His interactions with the media throughout the promotional cycle for the record were often strained and unpleasant.

Beautiful Midnight was re-released in 2001 to the United States on Atlantic Records. An altered tracklisting included remixed songs from Underdogs. Good has referred to it as something of a greatest hits. The album did not achieve the kind of success in the States as it did in Canada, partly because of a lack of co-operation on Good's part. He has stated that he intentionally sabotaged the band's career stateside by refusing to play along with the media and music industry in the country. However, other factors were involved, including the band's reluctance to commit to extensive touring of the country.

The hidden message on the CD cover reads:

"and the monkey flips the switch>you gotta hate this place there's nothing to do at night just sharpen my 3 in 1 knife for those 2 victims and 200 potatoes for potato salad>poor is the man that relies on hearsay to bet on an imaginary horse>we're slashing prices everything must go>call it what it is you call it what you want to it's all semantics>I am just a man and a stupid one at that for this I watch you sleep for this I am invisible they say the world is round but our four corners keep if flat of those 2 sides to every story one just generates more commercial dollars>so SHUT UP that big guy in the sky's talking through the schitzo's again and it's getting so it hurts so they're giving him up I heard and unto us everything>why's everything gotta go like this>and the monkey flips the switch"


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American Tracklist

  1. 1. Giant
  2. 2. Hello Time Bomb
  3. 3. Strange Days
  4. 4. Deep 6ix
  5. 5. Load Me Up
  6. 6. Failing the Rorschach Test
  7. 7. Suburbia
  8. 8. Apparitions
  9. 9. Jenni's Song
  10. 10. Boy and His ------- ---
  11. 11. The Future Is X-Rated
  12. 12. Everything Is Automatic
  13. 13. Born to ---
  14. 14. Running for Home

Liner Notes

Produced and mixed by Warne Livesey
Engineered by Warne Livesey and Zach Blackstone
Recorded at The House of Brucifer [Vancouver] feb-april 1999
Mixed at BJG Studios [London], Second Engineer > Alex Clark
Strings performed by The London Session Orchestra [Leader> Gavyn Wright]
Recorded at Angel Studios [London] enginner > Steve Price
Strings arranged by Warne Livesey
Piano on 'Running For Home' recorded at Mushroom Studio [Vancouver] assisted by Pete Wonsiak
Mastered at Metropolis Mastering [London] by Tim Young
Phone Sex provided by Natasha Duprey
Todd Kerns performs backing vocals on 'Hello Time Bomb' and 'Born To Kill' courtesy of the Universal Music Inter-Office Exchange Program
Cheerleading on 'Giant' by The Centennial High School Cheerleading Squad [who are> Kristy Holmes> Kimberly Barber> Melanie Barber> Sara Correia> Caroline Croteau> Kristin Sims> Karin Anstey> Tracey McDonald> Megan Leigh> Marjolyn Ustaris]
Words by M. Good. Music by Good/Genn except 'Load Me Up' Good/Genn/Browne/Priske
© 1999 EMI April Music (Canada) LTD./Dunharrow Music/Bridgeburner Music (Socan)
20% deductible baby-sitting provided by Ray Daniels and Steve Hoffman at SRO
Legal> Simkin & Co.
Accounting> Davidson & Co.
Live Sound> Ken Tutra
Assistant to Mr. Good> Christi Thompson
Instrumental Tech> Chimo Robichaud
A&R> Horshack
Inside Photography Jay Blakesberg
Design concept Vincent Libby
Album Design Garnet Armstrong/ Kiley Redhead
MGB is Rich Priske/Ian Browne/Dave Genn/Matt Good
used> DR Strings/fender/ayotte/sabian
24 Hour Complaint And Technical Support>


  • Hello Time Bomb
  • Load Me Up
  • Strange Days
  • The Future is X-Rated



  • The album was rereleased in the USA with song substitutions and title censorship.
  • Beautiful Midnight went gold in 8 hours. It later went triple platinum after selling over 300,000 records.
  • Hello Time Bomb was written in about 45 minutes.