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Loser Anthems (2001)

Loser Anthems cover art
CD Art

Album Information

"Loser Anthems" was an album of b-sides and rarities released in 2001. Only 35,000 copies were printed.

Two versions exist: the "orange" commercially-available pressing of 35,000 individually numbered copies, and the "blue" pressing of 500 unnumbered copies, made available as promotional material to radio stations and music journalists. The orange version is still available through some internet resellers; the blue version is known to fetch upwards of $60 on eBay.

Liner Notes

recorded: bit
mixed: w. livesey - england, bit/mit - not england
the members remain as before
all songs: mgb © emi april music (canada) ltd./dunhurrow music/bridgeburner music (socan)

this product brought to you by ling ling brand™ marketing
holly mcnarland appears courtesy of boredom and frustration.
we apologize for the medicore sound quality and presentation of this album as the majority of our funds were allocated to other projects (know what i mean?)
dr strings\gibson\gretsch\sabian\dimarzio\hookers\lik-m-aid


  • Man from Harold Wood is an instrumental piece.
  • The Japanese characters on the sleeve reads: "Are you high now, crazy kids!?"
  • Flashdance II and My Life as a Circus Clown were demos from the Beautiful Midnight recording sessions; the latter three songs on the disc were recorded solo by Good especially for this collection in a twelve-hour studio session.
  • Flight Recorder from Viking 7 features Holly McNarland on guest vocals. The liner notes list her as appearing "courtesy of boredom and frustration."