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Something Like a Storm (2017)

Something Like a Storm cover art
CD Art

Album Information

"Something Like a Storm" is an upcoming album by Matthew Good. It is set to be released on October 20th, 2017 by Warner Music Canada.

Warne Livesey returned to produce tracks on this album.


Available as a vinyl on Amazon Canada.

Digital Download

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  • 1. Bad Guys Win (4:25)
  • 2. Decades (3:40)
  • 3. Men at the Door (4:56)
  • 4. There the First Time (4:49)
  • 5. Days Come Down (4:09)
  • 6. Something Like a Storm (5:56)
  • 7. She's Got You Where She Wants You (4:11)
  • 8. This Is Night (4:58)
  • 9. Bullets in a Briefcase (6:23)


  • "Station of State" was one of the potential names proposed for this album.
  • The full tracklist, name, and release date were inadvertently found when asking Google what Matthew Good's new album was.
  • Matthew Good previewed tracks for this album during 2015-2017.