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Matthew Good lyrics

End Song

the extreme point
the last part
the final state
close of life
death issue
resulting drift
to bring to an end
to conclude
to destroy

maybe there's a reason for the things I do these days
maybe I will miss you
maybe I will miss you

I'm standing in the same place that my heart learned to betray
and it feels the same if I am to blame
say unto me now
but the little rocks from river bed never washed into the sea
and in their place you saw a face that you thought you knew was me
run away into the night and don't look back
the thoughts were clean but the courage lacked, lacked
in there it sits hard
its hard enough to throw away in my life
than to give you a reason to defend the fact
you have reached the end
and I have raced you
and I have, I have beaten you again

I have beaten you again
you can't do this
you never will
because it takes more than being honest baby
and living on a cold hill

it's thunder

you can't take it away
you think, you, you think you can
take it away

you can’t take it away from me


but you can’t take it away from me