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A Sneak Peek into Hospital Music

July 27, 2007 10:10 AM UTC

Update: Hospital Music is now #1 on Amazon Canada.

As some of you may well know, pre-orders of Hospital Music have begun shipping and, in some cases, already been delievered.

Hospital Music - Sneak Peek

The album appears to be in a jewel case rather than the digi-pak packaging used for In a Coma and White Light Rock & Roll Review. It consists of one CD, lyrics booklet, and a paper insert. As seen above, the CD and booklet are both sky blue while the words "Gone away boys. We're gone away" appear on the back of the lyrics booklet and "Matthew Good. Hospital Music" appear on the CD itself. More information will be available as the Canadian release date approaches.

You can still pre-order Hospital Music for $11.96CAD on Amazon Canada. Some of our posters have reported that you can purchase the album through our Amazon Canada links and have it shipped to the USA or the UK faster and more affordably than waiting for its international release dates. If you're willing to wait, the album is available for $25.98 on Amazon USA and £18.49 on Amazon UK.

Radio contests: K-Rock 105.7 in Kingston (July 28), Power 97 in Winnipeg (August 1), CJAY in Calgary (August 2).

Updated lyrics and additional concert dates will be posted when we receive them. Check back often for updates!