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An Official Bootleg?

May 29, 2008 11:49 PM UTC

Those of us missing out on the Massey Hall show may yet get a chance to experience it! There is a possibility that the Massey show will be recorded and released as a live album on the official site or possibly iTunes. As for those of you who are anxious for a concert DVD, there is no word on that as of yet.

The new backing band has been doing an exceptional job so be sure to check them out in the coming weeks as they add some of your favourite songs to their repertoire.

As for our upcoming site update, it's still on the way! We're just ironing out some bugs in our new video system. Matthew will be playing tonight at the Capital Exhibit Centre in New Brunswick. We'll keep you updated as the tour progresses, stay tuned!

Update: it seems that the show was recorded. Just remember that this was attempted before so we might not be seeing a live CD quite yet.